Top 5 Foods That Cause Constipation


Foods That Causes Constipation

Constipation may be a common problem but could we be doing more to assist prevent it? for several folks, we don’t realize we are constipated to start with, believing our toilet habits are ‘normal’ for us when actually, going but once every day suggests you’ll be constipated! Diet and lifestyle can have an impression on our toilet habits. Here I run through 8 surprising foods and drinks which might be making you constipated and suggest some simple food swaps to assist get you back on target.

1 Bananas:

Although bananas are often classed as a healthy addition to any diet, is it possible that they might be making you more constipated? The juries out on this one, but there’s some reason to believe that stocking abreast of too many unripe bananas could potentially block you up a touch, as a result of the upper content of tannins and resistant starch they contain.

this is often, in fact, could also be made even worse if you furthermore may employ another unhelpful habit like drinking insufficient water or including too many other foods from my list below!

2 Coffee:

Coffee is another Foods that cause Constipation. Although, not known such a lot as food, many folks still believe coffee to fuel us through the day! Coffee is high in caffeine which may cause havoc with even the foremost robust of digestive systems, but this might ingredient may especially cause you problems if there’s an underlying condition at play like IBS.

Caffeine can irritate the liner of the alimentary canal, so in some cases, it can contribute to more frequent bowel movements. On the opposite side of the story, if you’re stocking abreast of caffeinated drinks but not maintaining together with your intake of water on top of this, you’ll find yourself quite dehydrated which could make things worse.

3 Bread:

Bread may be a staple in many of our diets nowadays, but could it’s causing you to feel more blocked up or bloated? Quite possible, especially counting on the sort you decide for!

Bread is usually made up of wheat (which could also be troublesome in itself if you’re intolerant), but also, counting on the processing involved there may very well be next to little fibre left within the end product; in any case , bread really may be a processed food.

Some varieties may have some fibre added back in or certain whole-grain or whole-seed varieties could also be better options. But generally, especially when it involves the white varieties, bread is usually low in fibre and a poor choice if you’re hoping for brisker bowels.

4 Rice:

Much like bread, rice can be quite processed depending on the variety you go for. White varieties have been milled more ruthlessly and have been stripped of many of the beneficial elements including fibre, which helps to keep your bowel moving.

Rice is often recommended for people who are suffering from diarrhoea or have recently had a tummy bug too, so this doesn’t bode well! It’s generally quite stodgy, sticky and can gum you up if you eat too much of it – especially when not alongside, or in the correct proportions with other fresh foods.

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6 Meat:

If your irregular toilet habits are becoming you down, perhaps it’s time to assess what proportion meat you’re consuming. Meat is more taxing on the gastrointestinal system and takes tons more effort to interrupt down.

As a result, it can delay gastric emptying – ever felt that food is lying in your tummy for extended after a meat feast? And, additionally, to the present, we have the matter with more processed meat options being more readily available.

Meat-heavy nutriment options are often laden with excess fat, and unsurprisingly little or no fibre (the ‘fresh’ elements are often few and much between), all of which may contribute to a more congested gut.

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