10 Health Effects of Over Sleeping


Health Effects of Over Sleeping

We all are familiar with the fact that sufficient sleep is important thing of day to day routine. Scientific researches say : ‘Human beings need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to maintain the proper health’.

Sleeping is something which is an, hard to get thing in the present lifestyle of most population. We are all well known of the effects of sleeping too less, and this indicates that sleeping is a good thing. But, what if i tell you, sleeping too much can cause you heart-attack. Well, yes. Sleeping in irregular patterns or sleeping, more than required can cause some very serious effect on our health such as, Cognitive impairment, Depression, Increased inflammation, Increased pain, Impaired fertility, Higher risk of obesity Higher risk of diabetes Higher risk of heart disease and Higher risk of stroke.

Some theories states that -‘everything should be done in limit or else side effects began to show’. This same logic can also be applied on sleeping. Taking sleep less than seven hours effects our health. also, sleeping too much leads to many serious symptoms.

Well, effects of sleeping less are well known by us so, we gonna put some lights on the side effect which are generally seen in the people who sleep more than enough.

Some of the effects, which are seen in the people who, sleep ten to twelve hours a day, are discussed below in detail:


Over sleeping and usually waking up feeling low and distressed, may indicate depression, studies shows that people who sleep more than normal are more likely to suffer from mental distress. This mental distress is caused by poor mental health which is the product of over sleeping. Sleeping less causes depression because this cause less physical activity. Physical activity is important to reduce risk factors of depression by increasing the level of neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.

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2.Risk of stroke

Recent Studies say’s that sleeping more than people who sleeps more than eight hours are in forty six percent higher risk of stroke than people who sleeps six to eight hours, suggesting that sleeping longer than usual than normal can put you in a condition of sudden stroke.

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3.Increased weight gain

Studies say’s, weight gain is more likely to happen to people those who sleeps less or more than normal duration of time. Other studies generally only supports higher body weight gain caused due to sleeping less, but the factors like diabetes could be associated with weight gain in person who sleeps more than usual.

4.Degenerative disease

Researches show that too little or too much sleep may be tied to increase Alzeimer’s disease risk factors.some spanish study also found out that people sleeping too much or too less are more likely to develop dementia.


Sleeping more than normal can cause headache, also it may trigger migraine. Certain neurotransmitters in the brain like serotonin fluctuate during sleeping, and that may trigger headache.

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This is a condition in which people sleep for more time during the day at inappropriate timing. This leads to anxiety, restlessness or loss of appetite.

7.Risk of diabetes

Many studies says that sleeping excessively may cause diabetic symptoms, this is because the people who sleeps more than eight hours are physically inactive for longer time and this leads to increase in glucose level, in other words, diabetes.
Researches found that even after adjusting for body mass, people with long sleep had double risk of developing diabetes.

8.Higher all cause mortality risk

Sleeping more than normal is also linked higher risk of death.several things might contribute to higher risk of death, but the strongest factors identified were depression and low socioeconomic status.
Sleeping longer than normal is also associated with numerous other conditions from obesity to multiple sclerosis to asthma to depression and anti-depressant use.

let’s have look at clinical psychologist and sleep specialist Dr. Michael Grandner’s literature review that identifies a few potential causes of why people who sleeps more than usual may have higher risk of death.

Sleep fragmentation: More time in bed is linked with more frequent wakings after sleep and reduced sleep efficiency (more time spent awake in bed).

Fatigue: Fatigue and lethargy can cause longer sleeping, and sleeping longer than normal can make people feel more lethargic.

Underlying disease: Obstructive sleep apnea, depression, coronary disease, and generally failing health.
Immune function: Longer sleep can influence expression of cytokines.
Lack of challenge: Spending a lot of time in bed may give less time for beneficial challenges (such as exercise).
Photoperiodic abnormalities: Spending a long time in the darker rooms could affect the circadian cycle.

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9.Impaired infertility

Woman who sleeps seven to eight hours have the best chances of conceiving. Those woman who sleeps less than normal they have forty six percent chances and woman who sleeps more than normal, they have forty three percent chances of conceiving. Studies suggest that sleeping more than normal range could impair fertility by affecting hormones and circadian cycle.

10.Increase in back pain or headache

Back pain can get worsened if a person sleeping too much or spending excessive time in bed.
Well, it is said that we should rest when we are in pain, but what if resting too much is causing you pain.Yes, your pain might get wrosend and unbearable, if you are spending too much time in bed.

Listed were some of the effect generally seemed in people who sleep more than the normal range. If you think there is a change in your sleep or you think you are sleeping more or less than normal, then consult your Doctor. Your doctor will help you observe the symptoms and make a perfect plan for the tackle your problem.

Suggestion are, do not ever ignore your sleep, have a good sleep, eat healthy and consult to your doctor if you observe a noticeable change in your sleep, exercise is the best option to drain your energy and get your head, sleepy if you don’t feel tired enough to sleep.


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